Olmsted Information

Joe Olmsted started Olmsted, Inc. in 1986 after spending his entire adult life working as a boilermaker. His engineering knowledge of the tank business was well known even though he did not have a P.E. certification.

Joe knew this business very well from both the field and office aspects. His philosophy was to always give back to those who helped the business. He expected everyone to be honest and hard working, but he gave a lot back in return for that hard work.

He had a unique sense of business and a great sense of humor, and the talent and aptitude for keeping clients as well as employees happy, even when discussions were heated.

Joe and his wife Marie were successful business partners. In May, 2004, Joe passed away and Marie continues to run Olmsted, Inc.

Vincent's Welding, an ASME welding shop now known as B.J.R.E.O., Inc., was purchased in 1990.

Emergency Services
24 Hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.
Call 412-384-2161

Community Service

Olmsted, Inc., works hard to be a good, neighbor. The company provides scholarship funding through a local church and donates to the community food bank.

Olmsted also supports a local boy scout troup.

Olmsted, Inc.
is located in West
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania,
USA., about 16 miles
south of Pittsburgh,
near Pennsylvania
Route 51.